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Everton penalty award at Liverpool was correct decision
« Online: 11 Dezembro, 2017, 05:40:19 am »
Jamie Carragher: Everton penalty award at Liverpool was correct decision

Jamie Carragher believes Craig Pawson was right to award Everton a second-half penalty in their 1-1 draw at Liverpool on Sunday.
Jurgen Klopp was left furious after Dominic Calvert-Lewin went sbobet down under the challenge of Dejan Lovren at Anfield, allowing Wayne Rooney to step up and give Everton an unlikely equaliser in a game dominated by the hosts.But former Liverpool defender Carragher said Pawson's decision was correct, and branded Lovren's challenge as "stupid".Carragher said on Sky Sports: "[Klopp is a] very frustrated manager, and rightly so. It was a game Liverpool should have won quite comfortably."I think his frustration comes from the fact that Everton weren't that sbobet adventurous and came to defend. But whether you defend for 95 minutes, it doesn't matter - they've got the result they wanted, and it all hinges on the penalty."It's a penalty. What is Lovren doing? People say it's soft, but that doesn't mean it's not a penalty. As soon as he's felt his hands on his shoulders, he [Calvert-Lewin] has gone down.Click Here sbobet


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Re:Everton penalty award at Liverpool was correct decision
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