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Derby Day Cup: Vote for your favourite Manchester derby
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Derby Day Cup: Vote for your favourite Manchester derby in the semi-finals

There's an epic Nissan Super Sunday coming up this weekend, with the Manchester and sbobet ninja Merseyside derbies, live on Sky Sports. But what has been the best Premier League clash in those heated rivalries?
On Monday, we pitted eight of the best Manchester derbies against each other for your votes, with the best four now going head-to-head in the Derby Day Cup semi-finals.Manchester United's comeback of November 1993 - when they beat Manchester City 3-2 - won the first pairing with 68 per cent of the vote, beating City's 2-1 win in September 2016 when Claudio Bravo sbobet ninja made his debut.Another 3-2 victory for United, when Robin van Persie's late goal in December 2012 sealing the points, won the second pairing and picked up 72 per cent of the vote against City's 3-1 victory in November 2002, which was their first Premier League win in the fixture.The third matchup sees a victory for City after they beat United 6-1 in October 2011, which included Mario Balotelli's 'Why always me?' moment, and thrashed it's opponent - a 2-1 win for City at Old Trafford in August 2008 - by a huge 78 per cent.Click Here sbobet ninja


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Re:Derby Day Cup: Vote for your favourite Manchester derby
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